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Python Programming Notes

The most current versions of the presentation slides and other materials will be made available here.

Right-click and do "Save Link as ..." to download a copy.

Session Notes
1: Introduction 28 May 2015 PDF
2: Variables & More 4 Jun 2015 PDF
3: Control Structures 11 Jun 2015 PDF
4: Formatting and File I/O 18 Jun 2015 PDF
5: Functions 25 Jun 2015 PDF
6: Using Modules 2 Jul 2015 PDF
7: Program Development: 1 9 Jul 2015 PDF
8: Program Development: 2 16 Jul 2015 PDF
Reference Material
Think Python: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist Concentrates on programming PDF
Building Skills in Python Comprehense reference book PDF
Tkinter Module Manual Using Tkinter module PDF
Graphics Module Manual Using graphics module PDF
Python Home Page Downloads and documents
Steve Brandt's Tutorial More advanced Python Page
UNIX/Linux Introduction Command line use PDF
VI Quick Reference 1 page cheatsheet PDF
VI Quick Reference 2 page cheatsheet PDF
HPC Moodle Self-paced tutorials List
HPC Training Past tutorials List